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5 Types Of Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) This is a type of digital marketing that involved the process of growing your online visibility or getting traffic from the organic or natural results on the search engines. This is done where the search engine decides to show a certain website depending on the keyword that is mentioned on that website. Social media marketing This is a popular means of digital marketing, which involves sites… Read Article →

Strategies Of Digital Marketing

Baseline measurement All of our client partnerships start with an analysis of the current results through access to your current online channels and web statistics. We will also interview key stakeholders within and around your organisation and use external data sources to benchmark your situation with others. By using these insights, we can make a clear assessment of your current situation. Target audience: Customer journey We believe it is extremely… Read Article →

5 Metrics to Measure Your Digital Marketing

Total Site Visits This is the big-picture number you should monitor and track over time to give you a rough idea of how effective your campaigns are at driving traffic. This number should grow steadily over time; if it drops month to month, it’s time to take a hard look at your marketing channels to identify the problem. Number of New Visitors versus Number of Return Visitors This is an… Read Article →