Strategies Of Digital Marketing

Baseline measurement

All of our client partnerships start with an analysis of the current results through access to your current online channels and web statistics. We will also interview key stakeholders within and around your organisation and use external data sources to benchmark your situation with others. By using these insights, we can make a clear assessment of your current situation.

Target audience: Customer journey

We believe it is extremely important to understand the behaviour of your target audience, before starting to address them. Therefore we analyse their behaviour across devices, online channels and websites. With these insights we can clearly identify which online media channels best match with your audience.

Digital marketing strategy

Goals & Key Performance Indicators

In order to determine the right strategy, we first need to identify what your overall business goals are and break them down into realistic online goals. We then go a step further, and analyse what the potential results are per online channel. These forecasted targets are measured through KPIs (key performance indicators).

Strategy per channel

Expand Online believes in an integrated approach between channels, media and devices. It is important to get a clear insight in the attribution of the value of an impression, click and conversion in each phase of the customer journey. We therefore build a matrix of the different online channels (e.g. Search, Display and Social Media) and actions per phase within this journey. We use the See Think Do model to outline all the elements that are important to consider in mapping the online customer journey. We also look for synergy between online and offline media within our 3C model by using your marketing activities calendar and make a timeline for the upcoming period (e.g. year) in which synergy between all media channels are being presented.

Measuring and optimizing

After rolling out the online campaigns per channel, the results will be continuously monitored. It is essential to track all the clicks and conversions and compare these results with the KPIs that have been set out. We optimize the digital media channels that we carefully selected with techniques such as bid management, ad testing, conversion optimization and quality score improvements. We also closely monitor new developments include new features to further improve the results. Besides using off-the-shelf tooling, we have also developed in-house digital marketing software to be able to make mass optimizations and further improve results.

Reporting, evaluating and knowledge sharing

You will receive a periodic report per week, month or quarter to review the results that have been made. Our reports are always accompanied with a clear explanation of the impact, performance and forecasted next steps. We believe that an integrated approach between all marketing channels derives the best results. Therefore we will also look at other marketing activities and overall business and market developments during our periodic evaluation meetings. Expand Online also regularly organises training sessions and workshops to enable your team to update your digital marketing knowledge.


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