Huawei Ascend p7 Review: Know All about Its Design

The all-new Ascend P7 by Huawei is a flagship phone. It is designed as an equivalent mobile to the quite popular models like HTC One M8 and also Samsung Galaxy S5 and if you know, it is definitely a serious competition.

The P-Series phones released by Huawei were all known to be the thinnest mobiles in the world and the latest Huawei Ascend P7 is certainly no exception. It is around 6.5 mm thick and is way thinner than the currently existing wafer-thin iPhone 5S, which is 7.6 mm thick. And this skinny appearance makes it a little easy to handle this 5 inch beauty. For instance, reaching out from one end to another end of the screen is easy.

Apart from the dimensions of the new Ascend P7 being inspired by iPhone, even its appearance is more like an iPhone. The phone sides are textured with aluminum and its back-pane is flat made of toughened glass. This, by all means, is the best looking phone ever made by Huawei.

The highlights of the phone include a curvy bottom edge along with a textured look finish that runs to the rear and all this under the strong and classy glass layer.

The phone is quite striking, but there are quite a few elements, which could have been improved a little. The aluminum’s texture is not that good and reliable when compared to iPhone 5S. For instance, the squared silhouette of the new Ascend P7 doesn’t come out as appealing as that of the rounder iPhone. Also, there wasn’t much need for Huawei’s logo on the front side of the phone.

These are just a few minor points and when the phone is looked at as a whole, it definitely is a good investment.

Its construction quality is great, which makes the phone look good and also work well. It holds no wide seams; the metal and the glass body is good to hold and all the buttons and also sockets are neatly well executed. When compared to the previous phones by Huawei, Ascend P7 is a rare display of elegance and classiness.

Coming to the screen, most of the front of Ascend P7 is taken up by the front screen. The bezel is rather slim and the phone doesn’t hold any physical soft keys. However, there is not much a phone should fit on the front- just the camera and a sensor right next to the earpiece and that all makes for the phone’s front.

The screen space offered by the phone is truly amazing. It is an IPS LCD display with a screen of 5 inch, which makes it easy for use. It holds a great battery and is embedded with a 13 MP front camera with flash and an 8 MP secondary camera.

This phone is best in its range and truly a tough competition to the other flagship models from big brands.


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