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Bingo U8 Smartwatch: What Features Make It a Good Buy?

Bingo U8 Smartwatch, the new Bluetooth smartwatch that has been recently launched in India, makes a great buy for the gadget freaks on a budget. It’s compatible with all smartphones, PCs and tablets enabled with Bluetooth version 2.0 and above supporting Android 2.3 or above. The amazing features that it comes with for its price make it a compellingly decent buy for those gadget lovers who don’t want invest higher… Read Article →

Huawei Ascend p7 Review: Know All about Its Design

The all-new Ascend P7 by Huawei is a flagship phone. It is designed as an equivalent mobile to the quite popular models like HTC One M8 and also Samsung Galaxy S5 and if you know, it is definitely a serious competition. The P-Series phones released by Huawei were all known to be the thinnest mobiles in the world and the latest Huawei Ascend P7 is certainly no exception. It is… Read Article →

8 Common Mistakes People Do Purchasing a Digital Camera

Purchasing a digital camera mainly depends up on the money you have in your pocket. A new expensive digital camera will make possible of taking shots of beautiful scenery and marriage photos. If you love travelling lot, visiting different countries, you might have made up your mind purchasing the latest expensive digital camera. Potential buyers would do research before shopping such products. In addition to that, now people search both… Read Article →