Bingo U8 Smartwatch: What Features Make It a Good Buy?

Bingo U8 Smartwatch, the new Bluetooth smartwatch that has been recently launched in India, makes a great buy for the gadget freaks on a budget. It’s compatible with all smartphones, PCs and tablets enabled with Bluetooth version 2.0 and above supporting Android 2.3 or above. The amazing features that it comes with for its price make it a compellingly decent buy for those gadget lovers who don’t want invest higher… Read Article →

Huawei Ascend p7 Review: Know All about Its Design

The all-new Ascend P7 by Huawei is a flagship phone. It is designed as an equivalent mobile to the quite popular models like HTC One M8 and also Samsung Galaxy S5 and if you know, it is definitely a serious competition. The P-Series phones released by Huawei were all known to be the thinnest mobiles in the world and the latest Huawei Ascend P7 is certainly no exception. It is… Read Article →

8 Common Mistakes People Do Purchasing a Digital Camera

Purchasing a digital camera mainly depends up on the money you have in your pocket. A new expensive digital camera will make possible of taking shots of beautiful scenery and marriage photos. If you love travelling lot, visiting different countries, you might have made up your mind purchasing the latest expensive digital camera. Potential buyers would do research before shopping such products. In addition to that, now people search both… Read Article →

Top 11 Twitter Etiquettes You Must Follow

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms where you can chat about anything, tweet anything special, socialize, and get to know new people in your industry. The total numbers of words in Twitter are limited to only 140 characters and hence you should be very careful while you tweet, and keep the messages short, sweet, and sensible. In this social world, anybody can be your friend; this… Read Article →

How Social Media Can Help Your Business to Grow?

At the dawn of the digital age we are living in today, it’s mandatory to harness the power of social media if you want to see the growth of your business. A carefully devised and managed social media campaign can bring along with it a plethora of new opportunities. Maintaining a strong presence on the social media network is not an easy task – in fact, it needs a plenty… Read Article →

10 Amazingly Effective Marketing Strategies

Proper business marketing is the key to success in several fields, but finding the right strategies seem to be challenging for many business owners and marketing heads. What strategies work effectively for today’s businesses? What are the most efficient ways to get your customers to know about your business? This post is compiled to help you find the best marketing strategies that can work wonders for any business. #1 Identify… Read Article →

5 Types Of Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) This is a type of digital marketing that involved the process of growing your online visibility or getting traffic from the organic or natural results on the search engines. This is done where the search engine decides to show a certain website depending on the keyword that is mentioned on that website. Social media marketing This is a popular means of digital marketing, which involves sites… Read Article →

Strategies Of Digital Marketing

Baseline measurement All of our client partnerships start with an analysis of the current results through access to your current online channels and web statistics. We will also interview key stakeholders within and around your organisation and use external data sources to benchmark your situation with others. By using these insights, we can make a clear assessment of your current situation. Target audience: Customer journey We believe it is extremely… Read Article →

5 Metrics to Measure Your Digital Marketing

Total Site Visits This is the big-picture number you should monitor and track over time to give you a rough idea of how effective your campaigns are at driving traffic. This number should grow steadily over time; if it drops month to month, it’s time to take a hard look at your marketing channels to identify the problem. Number of New Visitors versus Number of Return Visitors This is an… Read Article →